Friday, 17 April 2015

Why "The Three of Me"?

Much to the embarrassment of my son, I take fleeting stabs at creativity. I try to keep these efforts, poor as they usually are, separate from my more businesslike writing (letters, resumes, and the like). Admittedly, the distinction between the two is less about quality (it's all universally inept) and more about privacy.

Initially, I saved my creative efforts in a folder I labelled "Me, Myself, and I". The first of these folders was actually a 3-ring binder that I used in high school, Now, it's been a long time since I was in high school so that binder, and me, have fallen apart, although in different ways.

When I started to write using a desktop computer, I kept the label. After all, it worked. My writing was still quite bad, but nicely organized!

Some months ago a life-changing event took place (more on that in a later post). Now, I research, and work and come to terms with what that event means to my ongoing life. Issues with memory and concentration mean that it's important to have a written record I can refer to. Writing will also let me consolidate my efforts. So, I picked up some notebooks at the Dollar Store and began to write away.

It's critical that I share this with my son. My life-changing event came during a time when so much around him seemed to him to be spiralling out of control. By sharing with him, he could know why my life changed so drastically and verify that this change is a positive one.

You've probably guessed, but my son and I live apart. I’m truly fortunate that we've kept a close bond. Circumstances mean that we don't see each other as often as we'd both like, though when we do, I keep him up-to-date on my goings on. Conversation is great for this, but I'd rather our time is spent on "us" and not "me". I do share my writing, but sadly, since my handwriting’s a mess, he sometimes struggles with it (actually, he laughs at it!). The solution is obvious - type my notes so he can read them without the distraction of my poor handwriting (or my being there).

And this is where a secondary goal crops up. The internet is a wonderful resource and my research led me to many stories that helped me. Sharing how I’ve been helped is a way to give something back.

All of this, plus some prodding from others, led to the creation of this blog. But its private/public nature meant my old folder name wasn’t fully appropriate. So, a small variation and voila, “The Three of Me” is born!

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