Friday, 24 April 2015

Depression and Death

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Depression exists but can best be described by absence. It is the absence of the capacity to laugh or cry. It is the absence of joy or sadness.  You have no ability to feel anything; to think; to plan. It is a numbness that stills. It is a dead weight, beyond despair, that suffocates the mind and exhausts the body. The weight is real, ever-oppressing, draining you of all energy, leaving you listless. It is the absence of colour, the Black quagmire, that penetrates every part of your being reducing self to near nothingness. It is the absence of everything that is you.

Death is the seducer. Within the all, and the nothing, of Depression, Death is your ultimate attempt to salvage a remnant of self. Death does not free you, but it does gift you with end.

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