Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Newbie's Confusion

""Problems, problems..." by Ion Chibzii
I'm very new to this process.  Yes, I've read online diaries and journals and blogs for years, but there's a huge difference between reading and creating one. Many efforts get abandoned. That, by itself, is a testament to just how difficult the creative process can be. And there lies my problem - I just don't see myself as all that creative.

Yes, I've written essays and stories and, gasp, poems for years but I'll be the first to admit that they're quite amateurish. I love the use of language, the effort needed to find just the right nuance of expression to convey an image or a mood, or create a character. I'm often moved, when reading, by wonderful turns of phrase (much to the eternal annoyance of my son who must hear each phrase immediately after I've come across it). Some people have a facility with language that I feel humbled by.

My lack of creativity extends to images. I truly love looking at photographs and paintings and sketches and comics and all other visual arts. I appreciate the effort taken by the artist to capture just the right colour or angle or lighting. I just don't seem to have quite the right "eye" to visualize in this way. I can appreciate, after the fact, but I'm not convinced I can create in quite that way.

To compensate, I seek out images that move me and, I believe, give added depth to the words I type. These images are not mine. They belong to the artist who created them. To see how I respect these artists please read this.

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